Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Kade had such a great time playing basketball. He loves it and walks around the house dribbling the ball which drives me NUTS at times because it echoes and makes my head pound! I wish we had a big enough yard for a basketball hoop! He would be out there ALL the time! Luckily the park isn’t too far away and we can go over there, just not as much as Kade would like. He scored 3 baskets and started to get alot better at rebounding and being more aggressive.

IMG_4041   IMG_4241  IMG_4249IMG_4253 IMG_4169 IMG_4244

At his last game all the boys gave their Mom’s a rose. Keegan wanted to play so bad! He wants to be just like his big brother.

Basketball is by far the most fun sport I have watched Kade play. He has never been so into a sport and it moves so fast that it keeps your attention.

Great job Kade!

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